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Not Your Average Street Turn

We don't do street turns, we do Quick180's. Street turns don't work. They're difficult to find, hard to setup, and problematic to execute. Quick180's Work. Why? Because they are engineered around a few key concepts that make the Quick180 System unique :

You put in your booking and we do the work of finding you a matching container. Our intelligent fan out algorithms target only those imports that match your booking.
You can be confident that your Quick180 will be delivered damage free, dunnage free, and suitable for your booking. If not, you don't accept the empty, the transaction doesn't happen and it doesn't cost you a dime. This eliminates any care and custody issues, and is why leading steamship lines and chassis providers use us.
Turn an empty container into cash! Fill a request for a Quick180 Backhaul opportunity and get a load back that pays a premium rate. Opportunities totaling $100,000 available every week.

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Call us at 1 (844) QUICK180 to register your company, or to schedule an in-house demonstration of our software. Registration is free - You only pay $13 if you fill an empty bookings using our system.

This week alone, my company made an extra $7,500 and my drivers made an extra $1,200 thanks to Quick180 Plus opportunities.

Kris Brown, Dispatcher, Port City Transportation

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